how to find God, his son Jesus Christ & his Return.


unidentified flying objects ( UFOs ).
May be identified as.......

A  Weather like ball lightning:  fast or slow moveing  "glowing luminous orb"   there is bad Weather.
    with crackle of high static charge in the air  like super low humidity with a approaching storm front.
    are seen to fly in a random way. 
    may follow the line of a solid object like a aircraft wing before vanishing
    one luminous orb has been seen to fly down the INSIDE of an aircraft cabin before vanishing.

    the Planets:    and other celestial bodys.  
   as seen with the naked eye at night.  but sum times at sunrise or sunset.  as non moveing lights.

B   Man made Satellites:   at night with a clear sky  the reflection of colored light off spinning Satellites 
   seen as non moving colored sparkles at night.  - but sum Satellites are robots that remove Old Satellites
   from orbit.  thay "Do" move with thrusters .  the so called Military Star Wars Satellites.

   Weather balloon or blimp    seen as slowly moveing ball with the winds , cylindrical or egg shape.
    may have a long string with a box and aluminium furl pyramid reflector.
    the Older 1950s 1960s weather balloons are mostly no longer used nowdays as job is in large part by
    weather Satellites

C  Fake:  Photos or Video   all thats needed in the 1970s is just a nylon fishing line and a old chrome
    car Hub Cap.  than just string it up and take a photo of it.    a saucepan lid will work too.
    by pressing two Hub Caps or one Hub Cap and a saucepan lid together you have a flying saucer.
    if you know how to do it you can setup a shadow mask for a sunny photo. its just a big cardboard disc
    held up with nylon fishing lines, behind the fake flying saucer.  this adds a shadow the biger the
    shadow  the biger the flying saucer looks in the photo.  not a job for a windy day.
    video or  super 8 as its known than is a bit harder to do. Now its all by photoshop !  the easy part. 
     now the hard part.  the bull-s**t  story.   IF your good at fiction
    you just may get a best seller out of it.
    fake photos got used a lot by UFO religions in the 1960s & 1979s
    the Truth is anyone can now Fake flying saucer or Spacecraft photos. but video is a lot harder.
    one of the oldest Tricks is a reflecting window glass in a dark room useing the same car Hub Cap.
    the video will look like a white luminous spacecraft in the sky that moves or darts up and down
    but if it gos over land or trees it looks fake as there is no shadow -and you can see through it.
    as its just reflecting window glass.
    fake photos today are Seen on webpages , YouTube or maybe facebook .

D  Fake:  seen as a flying saucer or Spacecraft  thats just a model R/C Aircraft or full scale Aircraft.
    airframe made to look like a disc or balloon /orb .   if you have the money.
    publically stunt.  TV show stunt.  to make Fake photos or video of a extraterrestrial spacecraft.
    flying slow & level just like aircraft . up and down is also slow   as the craft has mass & weight
    and the noise of a standard motor.    seen in urban areas where it will get seen. 
    with a story  or part of a TV stunt.

    An incident only of it enters controled air space  may be a hazard to aircraft.

E  a flying saucer or Spacecraft  flying disc of an extraterrestrial Life outside the Earth.
    with superior propulsion system technology a craft can fly at speeds outside of most Aircraft.
    the craft seems to have No mass or weight. may also be seen as glowing / luminous , also
    seen to stop and start , dart up and down at high speed also have the emission of high levels of
    Radio Frequency Interference , with the generation of power surges & brownouts over urban area's ,
    may also leave impressions on the ground. if it lands.
    to see THIS IS to experience the unexplainable even experienced pilots are bewildered by this.
    this baffling thing defys all the known laws mass & Gravity.  instant stop than instant speed of a
    rocket. stopping & starting instantly.   seen all over the World
     this is a Extraterrestrial incident !   and how it happons.
     military to be engaged in a huge cover up operation.  ALL hard evidence is removed from the
     incident zone. 
     eye witnesses are TOLD "you did not see anything"   News Media told to drop the story.
     if a eye witness is a pilot familiar with military aircraft.  threats of loss of job or career are made.
     all "contact witnesses" are removed from the area. sum never to return.   people just vanish.
     military and police records of the event are "lost" or just vanish.
     when all this happons You know its A " Extraterrestrial Incident "
     no government will waste time & effort on a Fake flying saucer or prank / joke.
     if its nothing ?  why all the police & military operations in the area ?.
     News Media told by the military its    "B"  Weather balloon   or "A"  ball lightning.

    extraterrestrial life IMO is no more then another race of people  there NOT God's to be worshipped.
    So what !  they have sum cool superior propulsion technology.   
    So what !  they have a high level of intelligence it will not make them God.
    if they need a Spacecraft to survive the vacuum of Space & can crash there craft on Earth than
    there are no more divine than we are !  pilot error,  system failure,   there are more like us.

F  Military Flying-Disc or Flying-ball / electrostatic flying saucer may be

    just like the extraterrestrial
    one.   but this one is ( Military ), its man made with a superior propulsion system 
    can have the same look & instant speed as the extraterrestrial flying saucer.
    mostly seen over secret military bases    will avoid urban areas if they can.

     military to be engaged in a huge cover up operation.
     same as a extraterrestrial incident but its more about military secrets
     than extraterrestrial life.


G  Spirits made visible:  satanic / demonic or -   holy divine beings   Angels
     capable of stepping down to a lower level of vibration to be seen.
     divine beings do Not need a Spacecraft to get around space.

     Spirits of Angels are the massengers of the Most High God creator of All things.
     obeying only Him.  the Most High God can ultimately provide eternal life in his Kingdom.
     to ALL people who seek life by the only way of his only son Jesus Christ.  
     To Pray is to seek divine communications with the Most High God.  ITS FREE.
     there is no shame   there is only peace  if you do not know something ? just ask.

      the institutions of religion can be a stumbling block to the basic truth !
     with people made to work for what is basically Free. &  submit to human institutions
     making the Simple Truth.  complicated and difficult to understand.
     in useing theologys to keep themselves in power over the people !
     little is given freely and people are made to keep returning to the there institution for help.

     satanic Spirits or demons  are drawn to satanic symbols  have no need to tell the truth
     and will openly deceive.  they have No power to harm humans but will seek people
     to be contacted telepathically.  demons may speak as cosmic suggestions.
     able to communicate with people liveing outside the will of the Most High God  
     demons are drawn to people liveing in Sin or open rebellion as atheists 
     cosmic suggestions may be given to start a UFO Cult or New Age Religion.
     so humans can harm other humans if deceived.