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Pastor T. D. Hale - 12/28/11  (2011)

I had a dream last night: In my dream, I saw myself going across America, as if I was floating but with no fear. The land looked like it was bombed, totally destroyed. I saw people standing out around their homes, weeping, holding onto each other; there were a few who laid dead. I heard someone say, "This should never have happened; this should never have happened."

National destruction had hit America: no food, no water, babies crying, grownups, men all crying, holding onto their families, begging God  for mercy. As I moved along the way, I saw people running, looking for loved ones missing, totally out of their minds.

I quickly came over a large city; it looked like it was Columbus, Ohio. As I came close, there it was -- the riots we have all heard about. Store windows busted, grabbing what they could get but I could tell they were not too concerned about TVs iPads, etc.; they were grabbing food, water, chips, things to survive on. There were riots and fighting. I even saw one man shot to death.

As I left that place, going at the speed of light I was standing on the back side of the White House. I looked up and there was President  Barack Obama on the balcony, holding a shotgun. I heard a loud scream, real loud. I turned my head to see where the scream came from. Flying high in the air was an eagle -- majestic, flying around Washington. I saw Barack point that shotgun toward that eagle and then shoot it
dead and it fell to the ground. I looked up at him and he just had a smile on his face, a smirk. These were the words I heard: "I've done it and I won't have to deal with this in my administration." It was dead silent. At that moment, I heard a voice that said, "Tell the people this is My will; this is My hand, both upon the generation of the righteous and upon the cursed. The righteous will find their way and know what to do; the cursed will wonder around with no compass. The cup is full!"

From that point on, I knew that we were coming to a showdown; it was going to be between us and them -- good versus evil. I saw people  gathering into some homes that were not destroyed. I saw people having prayer meetings, just praying in the Spirit. And then I heard in the dream: "To My servants and handmaids, a special anointing will reside on you in these last days. Hold not back thy  voice but speak your hearts, for out of them are the issues of life. Pick up the mantle of prayer, cover yourself with it and find you a secret  place to cover My servants, who stand for truth in prayer. I see their hearts and the desires to understand and know more. Their eyes have  been anointed with a special anointing to see. Others are blinded to My Word. All things will be revealed in their due course. A supernatural  wave of my Spirit will come over this generation soon; the FINAL voices are in the land to speak one last time. Think it not strange the  happenings around you; they must and will come to pass but I have placed in your hands the food to sustain you in the months ahead. I have spoken and shown all that matter. Tell my servants, saith the Lord, there is coming harsh days ahead!"
As I stood there hearing the voice of God, I saw a table, very old as if it was a table that had many documents signed in times past of  importance. I saw a voting ballot lying there. As I looked, I saw two names on that ballot: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. It was check-marked beside Obama’s name. I looked at the bottom of the ballot and these words were written: “For this is the will of the Lord.”

Then I woke up.

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zZSJ7azR4I  VIDEO-  Multiple prophecies of Obama re-election followed by FIRE

 http://www.trunews.com/listen_now.htm    < more here it free & its Christian.




Australia Earthquake & Tsunami Prophecy by Dr. Owuor of Kenya

"The time is coming when the Lord is going to open Heaven over this land, and the Holy Spirit is going to manifest a lot of works, the healing of people, delivering of people, regardless of where. But listen precious people. There is an earthquake coming to this land. The Lord spoke with me about a


And I was there myself, I don’t know, I guess you know how the Lord speaks to His prophets. He puts me in the earthquake, I also ran for my life today and the buildings collapsed on me, so I know what people will feel like on that day. And then, on the western horn the north west corner of Australia, He pushed the ocean, the earthquake pushed the ocean. And I see a huge wave a huge high speed wave, its a mountain of water pushed by the earthquake.

And the Lord said "THIS LAND MUST REPENT". The time to engage in sexual sin by the beaches is over because the Lord has sent me here now. Remove false prophecy from the church. Especially false prophecy, that one must be removed because its confusing the church at this hour. I can only speak for the Lord and the Lord He is righteous. Again, there is going to be a historic earthquake now that I have said it here.  I see the buildings collapse and people cannot get away, and I see a lot of deaths. Yesterday He showed it to me and today He spoke to me about it, just a few hours before I came when He slayed me, and I went to sleep and He showed it to me again. AND THEN THE EARTHQUAKE CAUSES THAT HUGE PUSH OF WATER, A MOUNTAIN OF WATER, LIKE SO MANY STORIES HIGH, AND PUSHED, A TSUNAMI IS COMING, PLEASE REPENT.

Please don’t do that.
Don't start prophesying on top of it He will strike you.
The Lord has spoken period.
Let us prepare for the coming of the King.
He has healed people here, He has loved people here.
He is a good God, He wants to love people, He wants to heal the land.
But let us return to righteousness, because this is the moment for Christ to be enthroned in this land
Even within the leadership, but let the church begin by repenting
I have seen a horrific earthquake visit this land, TREMENDOUS HISTORIC, don’t handle this with carelessness, I warn you precious people, the Lord has spoken with me, don’t fool around with this one.
Haiti fooled around
The people of Chile fooled around
Kenya fooled around
Yushu China fooled around
New Orleans fooled around before Katrina, 1 month and 9 days before when we sent the messages and they said people here don’t believe that because they say there are many satellites that watch this nation, but it came to pass.
So don’t fool around with this, IVE SEEN A LOT OF DEATH AND PEOPLE BURIED
These places He took where even the stairs hit me and buried me, so I had no way out, I had to be dug out, today.
I am speaking as it has happened and when these things come to pass, then you shall know that the mouth of the Lord, He has spoken here. Then you shall know that the prophet of the Lord has walked here.
Don’t take this carelessly, please I beg you, I plead with you.
May the Lord bless you, that you may harken unto His voice."

*** Later on, Dr Owuor received more revelation about where the tsunami would strike and went on to say (28th August at Kisumu Kenya revival meeting)
"There is an earthquake coming to Australia, but when it comes, it hits Australia at the north west corner, and its very interesting because when it hits Australia at the north west corner, the tsunami generated, does not come to Australia, but begins at the shores of Australia and sweeps/destroys the islands next to Australia."

Prophecy by Dr Owuor 31/7/10 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Hb5yUtvi8 <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6Hb5yUtvi8>

“I have come to announce the controversy between Jehovah and the church in Australia, unless you repent it is going to be horrific. This is the eastern side of Australia ... correct? Ive have seen the ocean failing to stop. Around all these places. Yesterday He showed it to me TWICE. He and said “IF THEY DON’T REPENT, TELL THEM THAT THE OCEAN WILL FAIL TO STOP”. It is the same who went and warned Haiti, Chile and Yushu China, and Katrina 1 month and 9 days before it happened. Then everybody laughed and said `do you know how many satellites we have watching of the United States of America, it will not happen`. But on the day it happened, every word to the letter was fulfilled.  Listen, why don’t you rebuke sin in your churches.” 

Dr Owuor taught on specific areas of repentance required for the Australian Church in order to prepare for the Lord’s soon coming:

- repent from all false prophecy, messages designed to make people feel good rather than deal with their sin
- repent from all types of sexual sin, including pornography, lust, and sexualised dressing
- repent from the abuse of God's grace, and the complacency & compromise with sin and the failure of leaders to rebuke sin
- repent from preaching the prosperity gospel that focuses on an out of balance priority on money and riches now, the doctrine that champions and centralises the love of money in the church
- repent from postmodernism, not believing all the scriptures of the bible are for today
- repent from building the empires of men in the church, and build the Kingdom of God in the church
- repent from preaching focused on improving lifestyle now, rather focus on preparing the bride to be without spot, blemish or wrinkle for Christs very soon coming
- teach the centrality of God's holiness, for without holiness no-one will see the Lord
- leaders need to mobilise God’s people in repentance

Although a strong word, Dr Owuor very much meets the conditions of a true biblical prophet as stated in:

Duet 18, 22 “when a prophet speaks in the name of the LORD, if the thing does not happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the LORD has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously; you shall not be afraid of him.”
Amos 3, 6  “If there is calamity in a city, will not the LORD have done it? 7  Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets.”

Prophet Dr Owuor has a proven record as a prophet to the nations,

who prophesied the follow events:

- Haiti earthquake of Jan 2010, 2 months before it happened, called the nation to repentance, 300,000 died
- Chile earthquake & tsunami of Feb 2010, 13 months before it happened, called the nation to repent from sin, 1300 died
- China Yushu earthquake of April 2010, 6 months before it happened, called them to repent from worship of idols and eastern religions, 2500 died
- Kenyan murderous violence of 2007, 2 years before it happened, called them to repent from complacency with sin, hundreds died in ethnic violence & chaos, and many went into refugee camps
- Global Financial Crisis which started in Oct 2008, 1 month before it happened
- He also prophesied Hurricane Katrina, and the 2004 Asian tsunami

Please check:
- Chile 2010 earthquake & tsunami prophecy & fulfilment on you tube -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOVAz_WbLhE

- Prophet Dr Owuors website - http://www.repentandpreparetheway.org/



Failed prophecies

Lists of Predictions, Failed and Otherwise

 About 30 CE: The Christian Scriptures (New Testament), when interpreted literally, appear to record many predictions by Yeshua of Nazareth (Jesus Christ) that God's Kingdom would arrive within a very short period, or was actually in the process of arriving. For example, Jesus is recorded as saying in Matthew 16:28: "...there shall be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of Man coming in his kingdom." In Matthew 24:34, Yeshua is recorded as saying: "...This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled." Since the life expectancy in those days was little over 30 years, Jesus appears to have predicted his second coming sometime during the 1st century CE. It didn't happen. More details.
 About 60 CE:  Interpreting the Epistles of Paul of Tarsus literally, his writings seem to imply that Jesus would return and usher in a rapture during the lifetime of persons who were living in the middle of the 1st century.   
 About 90 CE: Saint Clement 1 predicted that the world end would occur at any moment. 
 2nd Century CE: Prophets and Prophetesses of the Montanist movement predicted that Jesus would return sometime during their lifetime and establish the New Jerusalem in the city of Pepuza in Asia Minor.

 365 CE: A man by the name of Hilary of Poitiers, announced that the end would happen that year. It didn't.

 375 to 400 CE: Saint Martin of Tours, a student of Hilary, was convinced that the end would happen sometime before 400 CE.

 500 CE: This was the first year-with-a-nice-round-number-panic.   The antipope Hippolytus and an earlier Christian academic Sextus Julius Africanus had predicted Armageddon at about this year.

 968 CE: An eclipse was interpreted as a prelude to the end of the world by the army of the German emperor Otto III.

 992: Good Friday coincided with the Feast of the Annunciation; this had long been believed to be the event that would bring forth the Antichrist, and thus the end-times events foretold in the book of Revelation. Records from Germany report that a new sun rose in the north and that as many as 3 suns and 3 moons were fighting. There does not appear to be independent verification of this remarkable event.
 1000-JAN-1: Many Christians in Europe had predicted the end of the world on this date. As the date approached, Christian armies waged war against some of the Pagan countries in Northern Europe. The motivation was to convert them all to Christianity, by force if necessary, before Christ returned in the year 1000. Meanwhile, some Christians had given their possessions to the Church in anticipation of the end. Fortunately, the level of education was so low that many citizens were unaware of the year. They did not know enough to be afraid. Otherwise, the panic might have been far worse than it was. Unfortunately, when Jesus did not appear, the church did not return the gifts. Serious criticism of the Church followed. The Church reacted by exterminating some heretics. Agitation settled down quickly, as it later did in the year 2000.
 1000-MAY: The body of Charlemagne was disinterred on Pentecost. A legend had arisen that an emperor would rise from his sleep to fight the Antichrist.
 1005-1006: A terrible famine throughout Europe was seen as a sign of the nearness of the end.
 1033: Some believed this to be the 1000th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus. His second coming was anticipated. Jesus' actual date of execution is unknown, but is believed to be in the range of 27 to 33 CE.
 1147: Gerard of Poehlde decided that the millennium had actually started in 306 CE during Constantine's reign. Thus, the world end was expected in 1306 CE.
 1179: John of Toledo predicted the end of the world during 1186. This estimate was based on the alignment of many planets.
 1205: Joachim of Fiore predicted in 1190 that the Antichrist was already in the world, and that King Richard of England would defeat him. The Millennium would then begin, sometime before 1205.
 1284: Pope Innocent III computed this date by adding 666 years onto the date the Islam was founded.
 1346 and later: The black plague spread across Europe, killing one third of the population. This was seen as the prelude to an immediate end of the world. Unfortunately, the Christians had previously killed a many of the cats, fearing that they might be familiars of Witches. The fewer the cats, the more the rats. It was the rat fleas that spread the black plague.
 1496: This was approximately 1500 years after the birth of Jesus. Some mystics in the 15th century predicted that the millennium would begin during this year.
 1524: Many astrologers predicted the imminent end of the world due to a world wide flood. They obviously had not read the Genesis story of the rainbow.
 1533: Melchior Hoffman predicted that Jesus' return would happen a millennium and a half after the nominal date of his execution, in 1533. The New Jerusalem was expected to be established in Strasbourg, Germany. He was arrested and died in a Strasbourg jail.

 1669: The Old Believers in Russia believed that the end of the world would occur in this year. 20 thousand burned themselves to death between 1669 and 1690 to protect themselves from the Antichrist.

 1689: Benjamin Keach, a 17th century Baptist, predicted the end of the world for this year.
 1736: British theologian and mathematician William Whitson predicted a great flood similar to Noah's for OCT-13 of this year.
 1792: This was the date of the end of the world calculated by some believers in the Shaker movement.
 1794: Charles Wesley, one of the founders of Methodism, thought Doomsday would be in this year.
 1830: Margaret McDonald, a Christian prophetess, predicted that Robert Owen would be the Antichrist. Owen helped found New Harmony, IN.
  1832?: Joseph Smith (1805-1844) was the founder of the Church of Christ, which became the Restorationist movement after many schisms. It now includes The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints -- a.k.a. the Mormons, and about a hundred other denominations and sects. He heard a voice while praying. He wrote, in Doctrines and Covenants section 130:

14: "I was once praying very earnestly to know the time of the coming of the Son of Man, when I heard a voice repeat the following:"

15: "Joseph, my son, if thou livest until thou art eighty-five years old, thou shalt see the face of the Son of Man; therefore let this suffice, and trouble me no more on this matter."

16: "I was left thus, without being able to decide whether this coming referred to the beginning of the millennium or to some previous appearing, or whether I should die and thus see his face."

17: "I believe the coming of the Son of Man will not be any sooner than that time." 14
The year in which this event occurred is not recorded. However, one commentator suggested 1832 or earlier. 16 Smith is later recorded as having said:
"I prophesy in the name of the Lord God, and let it be written--the Son of Man will not come in the clouds of heaven till I am eighty-five years old." 17

Smith would have reached the age of 85 during 1890. Unfortunately, by that year, Smith had been dead for almost a half century, having been assassinated by a mob. Note that his prophecy is ambiguous. It can be interpreted that:

 Jesus would return during 1890 (which did not materialize) or that
 1890 would pass without Jesus' return (which did come to pass). 

Some anti-Mormon sources quote only verses 14 and 15, and draw the former conclusion -- that Smith's prophecy




 1843-MAR-21: William Miller, founder of the Millerite movement, predicted that Jesus would come on this date. A very large number of Christians accepted his prophecy.
 1844-OCT-22: When Jesus did not return, Miller predicted this new date. In an event which is now called "The Great Disappointment," many Christians sold their property and possessions, quit their jobs and prepared themselves for the second coming. Nothing happened; the day came and went without incident.
 1850: Ellen White, founder of the Seven Day Adventists movement, made many predictions of the timing of the end of the world. All failed. On 1850-JUN-27 she prophesied that only a few months remained before the end. She wrote: "My accompanying angel said, 'Time is almost finished. Get ready, get ready, get ready.' ...now time is almost finished...and what we have been years learning, they will have to learn in a few months." 10
 1856 or later: At Ellen White's last prediction, she said that she was shown in a vision the fate of believers who attended the 1856 SDA conference. She wrote "I was shown the company present at the Conference. Said the angel: 'Some food for worms, some subjects of the seven last plagues, some will be alive and remain upon the earth to be translated at the coming of Jesus." 11 That is, some of the attendees would die of normal diseases; some would die from plagues at the last days, others would still be alive when Jesus came. "By the early 1900s all those who attended the conference had passed away, leaving the Church with the dilemma of trying to figure out how to explain away such a prominent prophetic failure." 12
 1881: Mother Shipton, (1488 - 1561), a 16th century mystic predicted the end of the world: "...The world to an end shall come; in eighteen hundred and eighty-one."
 1891 or before: On 1835-FEB-14, Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon church, attended a meeting of church leaders. He said that the meeting had been called because God had commanded it. He announced that Jesus would return within 56 years -- i.e. before 1891-FEB-15. (History of the Church 2:182)
 1914 was one of the more important estimates of the start of the war of Armageddon by the Jehovah's Witnesses (Watchtower Bible and Tract Society). They based their prophecy of 1914 from prophecy in the book of Daniel, Chapter 4. The writings referred to "seven times". The WTS interpreted each "time" as equal to 360 days, giving a total of 2520 days. This was further interpreted as representing 2520 years, measured from the starting date of 607 BCE. This gave 1914 as the target date. When 1914 passed, they changed their prediction; 1914 became the year that Jesus invisibly began his rule.

 1914, 1915, 1918, 1920, 1925, 1941, 1975 and 1994, etc. were other dates that the Watchtower Society (WTS) or its members predicted.  Since late in the 19th century, they had taught that the "battle of the Great Day of God Almighty" (Armageddon) would happen in 1914 CE. It didn't. 
 The next major estimate was

1925. Watchtower magazine predicted: "The year 1925 is a date definitely and clearly marked in the Scriptures, even more clearly than that of 1914; but it would be presumptuous on the part of any faithful follower of the Lord to assume just what the Lord is going to do during that year." 6
 The Watchtower Society selected

1975 as its next main prediction. This was based on the estimate "according to reliable Bible chronology Adam was created in the year 4026 BCE, likely in the autumn of the year, at the end of the sixth day of creation." 8  They believed that the year 1975 a promising date for the end of the world, as it was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation. Exactly 1,000 years was to pass for each day of the creation week. This prophecy also failed. 
 The current estimate is that the end of the world as we know it will happen precisely 6000 years after the creation of Eve. 9 There is no way of knowing when this happened.
 More details on the WTS predictions.
 1919: Meteorologist Albert Porta predicted that the conjunction of 6 planets would generate a magnetic current that would cause the sun to explode and engulf the earth on DEC-17.

January 1, 2000 Too many to mention The so-called "millenium bug" will result in a massive computer outage on 1/1/2000, caused by that fact that in the good old days of yore, many COBOL programmers decided to save a bit of memory by using only two digits to encode a year on date fields. Obviously, when "00" rolls around, these programs will think that it is January 1, 1900, and every algorithm that relies on a date sort routine will fail.
It should be noted that very few of the doom-and-gloom purveyors are actually programmers. Those of us (like your ever humble list maintainer) who are involved with these systems on a daily basis tend to suspect that while there may be widespread outages and related problems, the worst that will happen is that a whole host of unlucky nerds will have to pull several all-nighters in front of their terminals. But we will get it fixed.

Update (1/4/2000): I think it is fairly safe to say that this prediction has mercifully failed. Was it a case of over-hype, or timely solution? You decide. In the meantime, would anyone like 800 tins of Beanie-Weenies?

January 1, 2000 Gary North The founder of Christian Reconstruction has taken the y2k bug to a whole new level of hysteria. Gary is convinced that global economic chaos will result from a worldwide collapse of financial computer systems. Of course, the more cynical among us would note that North is famous for making equally hysterical, but inevitably false predictions in the past.
Update (1/4/2000): We still seem to be here and functioning. I filled up my car with gas, and paid with my credit card. Credit card processing seemed to be unaffected by Y2K. The complete collapse of civilization as we know it appears to have made little impact on the daily lives of the inhabitants of our planet. However, Gary seems to be holding out some hope that death and destruction will slowly creep upon us in the coming months.

I think not.
April 5, 2000 Michael Rood Almost missed this one. Michael updated his guess for Tishri 1, 6001 to April 5, 2000. This day "starts out with bloodshed, plagues, and all manner of pestilence".
Sounds like a pretty good description of the Nasdaq roller-coaster to me. Sigh.

May 5, 2000 Richard Noone The coming Ice disaster. Polar shifts. Global disaster. Or something... (May 5, 2000 is the date of the next Grand Conjunction, when the planets line up. Anyone remember 1982? The year of the last Grand Conjunction? When the world utterly failed to end?)
Update (5/6/00): To the complete surprise of almost no-one (except, possibly, Mr. Noone), the end of the world has once again failed to arrive as scheduled. To his credit, Richard did strongly pepper his recent articles with weasel-words like "potential" and "possibly", but one suspects that life has once again thrown a would-be Jeremiah the proverbial curve ball. Now all Richard has to do is figure out where those voices in his head really came from...

Update (6/18/00): An addendum on Noone's home page makes the insightful observation that "...most earth change activity has not affected high population areas...". It does point out that there have been earthquakes across the Pacific Rim, however. Golly gee. Earthquakes in the most active tectonic plates on the planet? Who woulda thunk it...

May 17, 2000 Rebecca Harrison Also known as St John (hey, why not?), this starry-eyed soothsayer presents a wealth of future unfolding. May 17, 2000, Jesus is scheduled to debut his presence here on EArth. (That is not a typo, by the way. All you classical lit buffs should know what it means. Think "Gilgamesh".) Then, in June of 2003, the final battle takes place. Jesus said "no man knows the day or hour", but apparently the month and year were not covered.
Also, there will be a forty day period of fasting from August 20 to September 30. You have been warned. (Finally, a use for all those Y2K canned meats!)

June 10, 2000 Ron Reese Based on an extremely trustworthy source (a "revelation") and some convoluted logic, Ron thinks that a "flood-like" event will occur on June 10. Before we dismiss this as yet another of Ron's ravings (he has graced this list before), we should point out that Bonnie Gaunt was able to confirm this revelation through the use of oh-so-trustworthy numerology. So there. Failed

June 11, 2000 Marilyn Agee Third time's the charm.
Update (6/18/2000) : Well, it seems that Marilyn's third date for the first rapture came and went with no obvious Heavenly fanfare. What of the future? Marilyn seems to think that the Church is currently in a 10-day waiting period, based on Rev 2:10. That means that June 20 should see the Rapture. This time for sure.

Update (6/25/2000) : A new note on Marilyn's front page reads as follows:

Messianic Rabbi Michael Rood [www.6001.com] announced today on the Prophecy Club that the corrected Solar Calendar proves that Shavuot begins this year on July 9th. This because the barley was 'Abib', green/ripe, on June 5th.

This makes Oct. 28th Tishri 1, 6001.

If his calculations are correct then the Pentecost Rapture may still occur this year.

So there.

Update (7/2/2000) : More stupid calendar tricks. Poor old Noah has been pressed into service yet again as a harbinger of the End. In a long and very confusing piece of eisegesis, Marilyn somehow arrives at Av 19 (Aug 20) as a possible date for the Rapture. Says Marilyn:

"I wonder if the indwelling Holy Spirit of Christ will fly the dove (Bride) to her rest, Heaven, on Av 19 (Sunday, Aug. 20, 2000)?"

Uh...that would be a "no".
July 7, 2000 Robert Hallman Combining UFO's (don't trust those greys - they are "Satan's Soldiers"!), Nostradamus and Biblical prophecy, Robert arrives at a tentative date (or two) for the Rapture. Robert has also exposed the Antichrist for all to see.

Update (7/17/00): Most of Robert's pages are now gone, with the exception of a home page that sports a spiffy image of a morphing alien coupled with a rather pathetic poem. Still he admonishes us not to trust those greys. I intend to take him seriously. Alien cookout, anyone? Hmmm...tastes like chicken...

July 2000 Melody Mehta Drawing data from such prophetic heavyweights as Gordon Michael Scallion, Nostradamus and Mother Shipton, Melody thinks that Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, will be knocked out of orbit by a passing comet. Guess where it's going to land up?
Yup - it's metal helmet time, as several billion tons of rock come crashing down on us unsuspecting homo sapiens. And, with such remarkably accurate soothsayers on her side, how can Melody possibly fail to be wrong?

August 20, 2000 Ephraim Begin preparations for the Battle of Armageddon. Ephraim reinterprets the book of Daniel for the umpteenth time, and arrives at a timeline for the Last Days. Unfortunately, this timeline calls for the Rapture to occur in March of 2000. Oops.
Not to worry, our resourceful exegete points out that several events in this time period confirm his predictions. O ye of little faith...

Update (8/27/00): Well, the Battle of Armageddon remains as elusive as ever. Have no fear, however, as Ephraim remains convinced that September 30 will mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation, and October 22 the Rapture. (Cool! On my birthday, too...)
September 2, 2000 Jerry Grenough September 2 sees the end of the Jewish year 5760. Jerry also seems to think that this will be the absolute, final year of this present age. This conclusion is based on a number of impressive factors, but what sold it for me was the wonderful Bible Codes matrix that Jerry found. Oooh... Failed

September 6, 2000 Daniel Adam Millar The peace accord between Israel and Palestine on September 13, 1993 marked the beginning of the seven-year tribulation. On September 6, 2000, the Antichrist will proclaim himself God, and begin the battle of Armageddon. Failed

September 16-19, 2000 Phil Stone The Coastlands disaster. Phil sees all of Biblical history as a blueprint for the last days. The Gulf War, for example, was simply a replay of the story of Moses, substituting each year of the story for one day in modern times. Now that that's all clear, Phil sees the story of the Exodus as predicting a massive increase in the sea-level, resulting in catastrophic loss of life in the Summer of 2000.
Surf's up, dudes!

September 29, 2000 Love the Jew The End of the World will begin on Rosh Hashanah some year, most likely 2000. Failed

September 29, 2000 Michael Rood He's back. Michael believes that the accepted Hebrew calendar is all meshuga, and has kindly taken it upon himself to produce a corrected version. His version states that the seventh millenium actually began either on April 6, 2000 or May 5, 2000. (It depends on when his barley actually ripened. I kid you not.)

This means that he expects the invasion of God and Magog either at the end of September, 2000 or October 28, 2000.

September 30, 2000 Jim Bramlett Citing several erudite end-times scholars, one of whom is our own Marilyn Agee, Jim arrives at a window of 2004 - 2007 for the Second Coming. Citing a few more scholars and remarkable parallels, Jim tentatively points to Fall 2000 as the date of the Rapture.
One should also note that Jim has a page pointing to June 1, 2000 as a possible date for the Rapture, though he seems to be unsure about how seriously it should be taken, considering the source.

October 1, 2000 Byron Weeks The National ID Card system will be implemented on October 1st. President Clinton will declare martial law sometime in September or October, and the World Government will start rounding up the separatists and patriots. America will then be plunged into a nuclear war and desolated.
Looks like we won't have to worry about whom to vote for in November.
October 2000 Jim Searcy The return of Christ and the beginning of the Millenium. As a bonus, Jim also fingers the antichrist for us. I won't spoil the surprise, except to say that it should have been obvious all along... Failed

November 12, 2000 James van der Worp Okay, you're going to have to pay attention for this one.
James was suspicious of NASA's silence concerning comet 76P. Following a chain of what we will generously call reasoning, James visits Mother Shipton, Gordon-Michael Scallion and that old stalwart Nostradamaus, and decided that there is an outside chance that 76P could knock Phobos out of Mars orbit, and directly into the path of the Earth. He projects an impact date of November 12, 2000, although he seems to think that a more likely period would be sometime in October.

Whenever it hits, I, for one, intend to hold my umbrella up high.
November 17, 2000 David Zavitz Another eisegesis fan (look it up!), David sees the Oslo Accord of September 13, 1993 between President Arafat and the late President Rabin as the start of the seven-year tribulation countdown. Somehow, this means that November 17 of 2000 will see "Faith's big reward" (?), followed in short order by the resurrection of Daniel himself. Failed
2000 The House of Yahweh The beginning of the Great Tribulation. The last seven years of human history began on September 13, 1993. Presumably, the final war will then begin sometime about September 13, 2000. Failed

2000 William Zambrano The impact of Shoemaker-Levy on Jupiter signaled the start of the Seven-Year Tribulation. Failed

2000 Ammar Ali Khan The Muslims "Last Prophet" will appear to lead all the Faithful in a thirty-year battle against Satan's army. Failed
January 20, 2001 Lyn Mize Lyn's "understanding" of prophecy hints that the Rapture will occur before Saturday, and the Antichrist, none other than John F. Kennedy, will be revealed. This despite the somewhat awkward impediment of being very dead. Failed

April 16, 2001 Bill Singleton  In a post on the Five Doves site, Bill presents what we can only assume was intended to be evidence for his position that the Rapture will occur on Easter Weekend, 2001. Bill has promised further posts, so stay tuned on this one. Failed

April 24, 2001 Lord's Witnesses Do you find yourself wondering whether the Bible Code is true or not? Well, me neither. But just in case, wonder no more. These nice folks have kindly figured out the True Bible Code for us. And is sure has some interesting things to say.
Apparently, the UN will take over the world sometime between March 26th and April 24th of 2001. No-one will be able to buy or sell anything without UN authority after May 2001. And a worldwide famine will begin by September of this same year.

Consider yourselves warned.

May 28, 2001 David Parker David, also known (for some reason) as CAPS, has latched onto the story of the Baptism of Fire in Acts 2, and somehow transformed it into a potential date for the Rapture at Pentecost of 2001. The "evidence" is listed in a post, followed by this one. Failed

May 28, 2001 Marilyn Agee While Marilyn is desperately taking pot-shots at a date for the Rapture, she has in the meantime decided on an appointment for the start of the Tribulation. This date should see the beginning of the ministry of the two end-time witnesses, as well as the unveiling of the Antichrist.
She notes that she expects the Rapture between now and the start of the Tribulation. Anyone want to take bets that this is going to come down to the wire?

Update (5/30/01) : Marilyn seems to be in her quiet phase right now. Traditionally, there will be a few days of utter silence from the Agee camp while she desperately tries to figure out why she is still here. This will be followed by the equally traditional "Monkey Throwing Darts at the Calendar" phase, after which she will announce that, in fact, the Rapture was actually scheduled for next year all along.

Go Marilyn!

Update (6/15/01) : The Monkey/Dart phase is now in full swing. Having already seen June 9/10 go whizzing by, Marilyn is (cautiously) pointing the marker to June 21. It is on this day, apparently, that the Moon will be New, and the Eclipse will be in Gemini, or somesuch. One can only hope that Jupiter aligns with Mars, and Peace guides the planets as well...
November 11, 2001 Bob Ware In a post that, for some reason, reminds me of a session of the Kevin Bacon Game gone hideously wrong, Bob repeatedly singles out the date of 11-22-01 as being somehow significant. The 22nd day of November is, of course, the anniversary of the assassination of JFK, an event that has provided more fodder for conspiracy theorists than a Freemason/Bilderberg convention at the Watergate Hotel.  
2001 Unarius The Pleiadeans land on Earth.  

2001 Jack van Impe 2001 will see the start of the Great Tribulation. Political chaos, natural disasters, nuclear war and the worldwide rise of Islam will usher in mankind's final hour.  

April 14, 2002 Mike Keller Pure, vintage kookery here. It appears that one-half second before midnight on April 14, 2002, the Doomsgate will open, Jesus will appear for his saints. Nuclear war will begin 45 days after this point, earth shifts and global cataclysms just before it.
At other points in this meandering, barely coherent diatribe, we are told that America will probably be under totalitarian rule before the end of Summer, 1999, and that Y2K (anyone remember that?) will signal the start of an inevitable slide into economic disaster. Seems that a few updates are called for.
17 October, 2004 Donna Danna
Clay Cantrell You have to love this one. Clay based his estimate of the date for the Rapture on the dimensions of Noah's Ark (converted to inches), taking special note of the location of the "escape window", and followed by some esoteric calculation involving the rotation of sun through the sky. Barnum was only half right.
Update (2/22/01): Clay explains his "reasoning"...
2004 Watcher Ministries The Tribulation began in 1997, and Christ will return seven years later in 2004. All this is based on an analysis of the Great Pyramid of Giza.  

2005 Everett Vasek Everett believes that the Rapture will occur on the Jewish feast day of Rosh Hashanah, sometime between 1998, and October 4, 2005. He bases this date on the timing of the Jewish feasts, the upcoming Israeli peace treaty, and the possible length of a biblical generation being 14,000 days long. 
1999-2007 Thomas Chase Thomas has a number of predictions for this period. He foresees the arrival of the Antichrist sometime in 1999-2000, the approach of Cassini in August 1999 as a "holographic or parallel event" signaling a possible nuclear crisis in Russia, and Armageddon, another nuclear war, in 2007.  

1998-2012 Gordon-Michael Scallion All sorts of catastrophic earth changes. Global warming. Melting polar ice caps. Earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.  

2011 May 21 Harold Camping’s  prophecy of the “End of the World”

The prediction of May 21, 2011
for Judgement Day   and October 21, 2011 as the end of the world is made by Harold Camping.
  Camping is a Christian radio broadcaster and president of Family Stations, Inc.,
 a California based religious broadcasting network.  In 1970, Harold Camping published
 “The Biblical Calendar of History” which chronicled major biblical events.
  His calendar dated the Creation of the world as 11,013 BC and the Flood at 4990 BC.




Barack Obama, in Prophecy. and the Probable Destruction of the United States
by a Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo, in 1912.

Barack Obama will probably gain re-election in 2012
  Barack Obama
  Born to a Kenyan father and an American mother, he passed most of his
  childhood and adolescent years in Honolulu, Hawaii. At age six, he moved to
  Jakarta where he lived with his mother and Indonesian stepfather for four

   Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. … was the junior United States Senator from Illinois
  and a candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination in the 2008 U.S.
  presidential election. He married in 1992 and has two daughters. Obama has
  written two books: a memoir of his youth titled Dreams from My Father, and The
  Audacity of Hope, a personal commentary on U.S. politics.

  Barack Hussein Obama Now president of the United States.

   the Prophecy of an Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo,
  the founder of Kenya’s Nomiya Luo Church, and who among the Kenya
  people of the Luo religion is believed to be a prophet
 and who in 1912 made this horrific prophecy about the United States.

   the rise and fall of an American Empire in one hundred years.

 The 1912 Prophecy  by Kenyan Prophet, Johanwa Owalo

>>“So far have they [ the United States ] strayed into wickedness in those
  [ future ] times that their destruction has been sealed by my [ father ]. Their
  great cities will burn, their crops and cattle will suffer disease and death,
  their children will perish from diseases never seen upon this Earth, and I
  reveal to you the greatest [ mystery ] of all. as I have been allowed to see that
  their [ the United States ] destruction will come about through the vengeful
  hands of one of our very own sons.”<<

   the interesting aspects of the Prophecy.
  ( wickedness )
   or SIN will always leads down to destruction according to the Gospels. godless liveing.
    the spread of paganism in to middle America.  the spread of public drunkenness.
   ignorance concerning the fundamentals of faith and loss of holiness in the churchs.
   idol worship of hollywood stars & sports stars, following false teachings , sexual Sin.
   lust over love, divorce, homosexuality, pornography, pedophilia , prostitution.
   witchcraft, new age cults , occult environmental worship , growing urban violence
   & the growing loss of integrity. the love of money ( greed & corruption ) in America. 

  ( diseases never seen upon this Earth ) 
  in 1912 no one know's what W.O.M.D. is.  or what Nuclear or biological weapons are.
   New diseases resistant to all antibiotics.  all new unstoppable killer diseases.

  ( vengeful hands )
    the idea of the USA under threat from its president is just incomprehensible.
   But its not too had to see how a peaceful president can
   end up in a War of his own makeing. with "other nations."  by a simple error.
   a foreign conflict get's out of control. as a result the USA is under threat.
   a presidents error in reaction is of revenge. oversteping the line.
   USA's invasions of other lands. in the name of peace that leads to all-out WAR.
   then a foreign enemy uses W.O.M.D on the the United States.

 Jet chemtrails full of a Atomic element ba =( Barium ). the Aluminum like Chemical has been sprayed Jets.
toxic sky  over  franklin USA  2001  , 2005 esc....
American Government-says  ""Everything is fine, - just go inside & watch TV """

( our very own son )    Barack Hussein Obama is part American and part Kenyan.
   Obama is a son of Kenya.

   this horrific Prophecy is a Warning.  Not by pride in money or Military power.
   Only the repenting of Sin by God's people and a return to righteousness will God save
   the United States from Destruction.

   this is one Prophecy you hope is just a hoax or a Fail