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Some 220 Christian doctors and medical professionals travelled from around the world to attend a unique conference in Brisbane held last weekend. The doctors gathered examined actual case studies of miracles presented by various respected doctors evidencing Divine Healing. It was the 8th Annual International "Spirituality and Medicine" Conference and was held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The event was sponsored by the World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN), an interdenominational organization composed of Christian medical professionals from around the world who believe in divine healing.



"The aim of WCDN is to motivate Christian medical professionals to reflect the love of Jesus Christ and to be a witness for Him in their professional life," explained a spokesperson for the organization. He went on to say, "Two thirds of medical schools in the US, including Harvard and Johns Hopkins, now offer courses on spirituality and faith in their curriculums, largely because patients are demanding more spiritual care. According to a Newsweek poll, 84% of Americans said that praying for others can have a positive effect on their recovery." A group of Christian medical doctors started WCDN to tackle issues on spirituality in the context of the Christian medical practitioner.


As in all of their international conferences, the medical professions searched for cases of divine healing with verified medical evidence. Several presentations were made following which, their peers were then able to question them about whether it was a verifiable miracle or not. "During the walk of Jesus here on earth, a major strategy He used to proclaim His Lordship was to heal the sick," said the WCDN spokesperson. "It is our role as His expert witnesses to testify to the works of healing by the Power of God with verified medical data, therefore giving the glory to our Father God who is the Almighty and to Him who is the Healer, the Lord Jesus."


Two of the stories told at the Conference are re-produced here:



Dr. Sean George, an Indian born doctor who is now a consultant physician in a West Australian hospital told his extraordinary story. “I was dead for 1 hour and 25 minutes, but came back to life after my wife prayed a simple prayer,” said Dr. George. He said that on October 24, 2008, he returned from the dead to amaze colleagues who had battled for almost 55 minutes to revive his lifeless heart. He said that the story began when, five days after running a medical clinic in Vanuatu, Dr. George was returning from a clinic session on the south coast of Australia with his intern when he felt minor chest pains and was “unusually hot.”



He went on, “I decided to stop the car and, as I got out and was still feeling the discomfort, I called my wife, also a doctor, to let her know what was happening. She suggested that I drive straight home to Kalgoorlie.” Dr. George said that as he did, he felt “divinely directed” to enter a clinic in Kambalda, 50 kilometres (31.6 miles) short of Kalgoorlie, where he used an electro-cardiogram (ECG) to diagnose a heart attack and receive the few drugs they had there. “The pain,” he said, “was getting worse and 11 minutes after the ECG my heart completely stopped beating. Not only did I have a heart attack but I went into cardiac arrest.”



For the next 60 minutes, a team of doctors and nurses used over 4,000 chest compressions and gave him 13 electric shocks but neither his heart nor lungs responded. After 70 minutes, the doctor was pronounced dead. Ten minutes later, his wife arrived from Kalgoorlie and was told to go in and say goodbye. Dr. George continued by saying, “Being a doctor herself, Sherry knew that medical science had proved that if the blood supply to the brain was cut off for over three minutes the brain would begin to die, and in 20 minutes the brain would be completely dead. But as she and I had trusted Jesus Christ as Almighty God and Saviour, she decided to humbly ask Him to intervene.



“Holding my hand, she prayed, ‘Lord Jesus, he is only 39, I am only 38 and we have a ten year boy. I need a miracle.” As soon as she said this it was as though someone had breathed life into me again and my heartbeat came back.” Four hours later, Dr. George was flown to Royal Perth Hospital where doctors carried out an emergency procedure to clear a severely blocked artery on the right side of the heart. “The doctor thought I would not survive, and even if I did, I would be completely brain dead on a ventilator. In Perth ICU, I had kidney and liver failure and was still in a deep coma.”



Three days later, against all the odds, the doctor opened his eyes. The next day, he was moving his hands and legs. After a further 3 days he was fully conscious and off the ventilator, and his memory and brain were fully functional. Then two weeks later, he was discharged, and returned to full-time work after three months of steady recovery.” As he reflected on these miraculous events, Dr. George says that he believed God wanted to teach him some important truths. “It has proved to me that Jesus really is Creator God and Sustainer of life and that He hears and responds to the humble prayers of His servants,” he said. “I now also understand that eternity is only a breath away.



Reviewing the facts of his case, both as a professional doctor and a personal survivor, Dr. George says that he is convinced that only God could have brought him back to complete health. “I don’t think there are any documented cases of patients who were clinically dead for so long, having come back to life with their memory perfectly intact and neurologically no deficits at all,” he said. “This is something that only God can do, because medically it is impossible.” But the doctors all believe that God is still in the miracle business. That's why they gathered in Brisbane and will again next year, in Nairobi, Kenya.



Dr. Fidel Fernandez with his wife Leticia was one of the 220 doctors, scientists and medical professionals from 30 countries participated in the conference. The Philippines-born doctor told the story of a Korean Christian called Deacon Han who had been diagnosed with early gastric cancer following an endoscopic study in September, 2002.  Deacon Han received an endoscopy test once again on December, 2002, but a biopsy was not performed at that time because the lesion had not improved," said Dr. Fernandez. "He was told that he should undergo an operation for gastric cancer, he didn't because he had a belief in God."



The pathologist said that Han had travelled from his home town to a Church in Seoul where he received prayer for his sickness from Dr. Jaerock Lee, the senior pastor. “From that moment, he gained weight and was sure that he was healed," said Fernandez. "Finally, he confirmed his healing two months later by another endoscopic test at the local internal medicine clinic, when no vestige of the gastric cancer was found. After a year, an endoscopy and biopsy test was done to him by the doctor who diagnosed his original case and finally the doctor gave his report that the patient didn't have the symptom of gastric cancer." "It was a miracle," pronounced Dr. Fernandez.

Source: Assist News



Miracle Storys

Miracle Story from Egypt      newspaper   >>>>   thursday january 24, 2008
A Muslim man in Egypt killed his wife because she was reading the Bible and then buried her with their infant baby and
8-year old daughter. The girls were buried alive! He then reported to the police that an uncle killed the kids.
15 days later.another family memder died. When they went to bury him, they found the 2 little girls under the sand - ALIVE!
The country is outraged over the incident, and the man will be executed. The older girl was asked how she had survived.
"A man wearing shinywhite clothes, with bleeding wounds in his hands, came every day to feed us.
He woke up my mom so she could nurse my sister," she said.
She was interviewed on Egyptian national TV, by availed Muslim woman news anchor.
She said on public TV, "This was none other then Jesus. because nobody else does things like this!"
Muslims believe Isa (Jesus) would do this, but the wounds mean He really was crucified,
 and it's clear also that He is alive! But, it's also clear that the child could not make up a story like this,
and there is no way these children could have survived without a true miracle.
Muslim leaders are going to have a hard time to figure out what to do with this.
Jesus Christ is still turning the world upside down.      
<<<<<< from a newspaper



The Mobilization of God's people

message of hope>>>>>>>>>>>>>

To all my friends and aquaintances this is for encouragement in faith.

Bible says, Young Man Shall See Visions, and  Old Men will dream Dreams......

Pastor Joh. W. Matutis, (Berlin/Germany)

While I was praying this morning, God gave me a vision. He showed me a great, world-wide "mobilization" I saw myself strolling along a beach. Suddenly, there sounded a loud boom, which became stronger and more massive. It was not the noise of the sea or of the wind. It was completely still outside. The sea water was as smooth as glass. The deep booming sound which was like the sound of the mountains about to cave in, a banging sound which I had up till now never heard in my whole life, came from the other side of the ocean, from far away. It became so strong and mighty, that the earth began to quake and shake. It sounded like the blasting of a deep bass trumpet. I had never heard this sort and depth of bass sound before now. The whole air vibrated. I holed myself up in the dunes of the embankment, face down, and waited to see what would come out of this natural spectacle.

When the booming refused to stop, and instead became stronger, I saw myself begin to pray in the vision, and to speak with my God. Then I heard a voice saying, "my child, fear not. That is my mobilization call, a signal, from the other world. I am calling my people out from all peoples. I myself am shaking the earth and the sea. The sinners and godless will pass away for fear and the fearful expectation of the things which are to come. Understand, my child, that all these have been initiated by the financial crises. That was just the beginning of ruin. The foundation of today's society will be so shaken that the people will lose all that they have acquired, and saved up till now.

Every infrastructure and welfare will collapse with time. Life will be very difficult for very many people. The general security will get out of control and there will be a proliferation of crime such that life on earth will be massively threatened. But you, who fear my name will I save from ruin. I am holding my arm of protection over you. Although not even a silent wind blew, and not even a small wave was seen on the sea, the booming was so mighty, that my heart threatened to stop beating. Then I thought to myself, "I will now also die". And then the Lord said to me, "my child, do not fear. You are to live and continue to declare my works. Arise, go home and tell your loved ones. Let them know that the coming of my son is very close at hand, at the doorstep. I am setting everything in motion in order to take my people home, and I am now stripping them of everything that is holding them back, or blocking them.

As I stood up to obey God's voice, starting to make my way homewards, I saw very many people, lying in the dunes. They had come out from their houses, racing towards the sea to see and experience this extraordinary natural spectacle. They lay on their faces as if paralysed, exactly as I had lain a few minutes before now. As I passed by them on my way home, despite the continuous distant booming sound, these people called to me saying "you are crazy; you cannot make it home in this situation. It is too dangerous". They then buried their heads even further in the dunes, because they feared what would happen next. They no longer wanted to hear or know of anything.

And then said the Lord to me: "for you, my children, who fear my name, this is the day of my "mobilization". For you my "sun of salvation" arises, with which I gather my true children, and bring them together. Go, my son, and tell this everyone you can reach". Then I asked the Lord "what shall I tell them?" "Tell my children, The Lord said", "they are no longer to occupy themselves with perishable things, but rather, much more with the immortal, the eternal things. They are to seek me and study my word. They should forgive one another, so long as there is still time, and make peace with one another. They should stop being envious of, and pointing fingers at one another. They should neither accuse nor suspect one another. Everyone should do what he is supposed to, and can do. Tell them to free themselves of every unnecessary thing, and to stop fighting spasmodically (intermittently) for their rights. From now on, I will ensure your rights, and provide for justice for you. Great changes are about to occur all over the world, in every area of life. Adjust yourselves therefore and be prepared. Nothing is going to be as it has been before now..."

The further I moved away from the beach, the less of the booming sound I heard, even though I was of the opinion that the sound had become stronger and even more massive. I felt as if I had been secured in a glass case. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying "I will bring my children into safety in my own way. You will see everything I will do in the world, which will experience all the "plagues of Egypt " before I withdraw my children unto myself, before Pharaoh releases you forever. My people hold together! Stay with one another, encourage one another. Soon, you would have made it!"

That was the last thing I took with me from this vision.

As I thought about all that I had seen, and what I should do with it, the Lord spoke to me saying "spread this revelation I have given you this morning about my "mobilization" overall further to my children, and encourage them to do likewise, for I am at the door (I am coming soon). And tell them, especially my people, that they should be serious about their relationship with Me (God), before it is too late...."

Please help me spread this message overall.

Translate it into other languages.

Maranatha! Our Lord comes.

Pastor Joh Matutis


end of message >>>>>>>>>>